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Lao massage; Lazy Yoga ...

Laotian massage is not a quick relaxation of muscles and joints but a complete massage that uses energy lines and pressure points to stimulate and irrigate almost all parts of the body. Loation massage utilizes specific movements and pressure to  stretch and "open" the body facia, resulting in regeneration and deep relaxation. They increase flexibility, and release tension on the different levels. They complement the massage on the energy lines and pressure points so that the 3 together provide a whole body massage strategy.


Laotian massage is performed on a mat, on the floor over one to two hours. In Laotian massage the energy lines and pressure points are worked during a comprehensive massage of the whole body through body weight and pressure control. The work of Laotian massage consists mainly of pressure on the energy lines of the body with a variety of precise and powerful movements where customized pressure and energy are applied

and communicated by the practitioner to the client. 

An important feature of the Lao massage tradition is the practitioner himself and what he has been taught. Traditionally this massage has been passed orally from generation to generation. It was originally taught in Buddhist temples, while some temples in Thailand still transmit this art. Practitioners are taught to be sensitive to the client's body, the concept being partly based on the practitioner's ability to match their body with that

of the client in terms of movement, rhythm and energy. Thus, all the characteristics of traditional Laotian massage contribute to the whole body concept, including the practitioner's use of special techniques taught in the monastic tradition. The goal of Laotian massage is to provide relaxation, balance to various centers of the body, healthy circulation of blood and activation of energy lines.


The masseur receives complete training and learning before taking a patient. The "method" of Laotian massage is the basis of all good practice. Those who have been trained in the art of Laotian massage must cultivate a certain number of attitude and method points. It is customary to say that it sometimes takes a life to master this art properly.

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