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The Palais Rhoul & Spa Dakhla

Exclusive boutique hotel





The Palais Rhoul Dakhla Spa a massage center for well-being


Jewel of the dakhlaoui hotel industry, Le Palais Rhoul Hôtel combines mineral and vegetable notes in its spa, punctuated by traditional Asian elements. A refined bubble suitable for massages around the world.


In bold, the massages available all year round, the others only during the Happy Detox or Wellness weeks.


Swedish massage; It is a gentle, but deep and invigorating therapeutic massage. A classic therapeutic massage, one of the most popular massages in the world. This method is an effective way to relieve aches in particular, but also muscle tension and stress. Swedish massage techniques were developed by a Swede named Pehr Heinrick Ling (1776-1839), who was a poet, teacher and doctor.


Laotian massage on Japanese futon ; A trip ... (do not hesitate to book this treatment upstream because it is often full)


Chi Nei Tsang Belly massage; A massage used by Taoist monks in monasteries to help them detoxify, strengthen and refine their body, in order to maintain a high level of energy conducive to the highest levels of spiritual training.

This massage allows manual mobilization of the fascia and viscera. The therapist's precise hands relieve tension, boost blood and lymphatic circulation, aid digestion and relieve abdominal and spinal pain. The abdomen,

“The second brain of our body” then functions harmoniously


Shiatsu; Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage that uses the technique of pressure. this massage is a variant of Chinese acupuncture, but does not use the use of needles. Shiatsu massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Originally, it was designed to treat all problems of dysfunction of the organism via pressures at the level of acupuncture points. The method was adapted by the Japanese, hence its name shiatsu literally meaning "pressure with the fingers". The objective of shiatsu massage is to eliminate blockages in order to release energy and allow the body to regain stability and health.


Slimming massage personalized by manual palpate rolling; Recognized for its slimming and firming effects, this manual massage / palpate-roll using essential oils with lemon, cedar or grapefruit, refines the contours of the body and eliminates all toxins, leaving a refined silhouette and more supple skin. smooth.


Californian massage, It combines the techniques of touching, kneading, friction, vibration and tapping. It was born in the 1970s in the United States. This gentle and relaxing massage is part of the family of body care. The Californian massage allows a real body balance,


Foot reflexology; Reflexology also acts by pressure points. By a manual method classified in the category of unconventional medical practices. A particular form of massage therapy, it is based on the theory that a specific point located in the hands, ears or feet is linked to well-defined organs or physiological function of the human body. A studied massage or a specific support on these points leads to the localization of tensions and aims to restore the balance of the body. Reflexologists thus advance the idea that their practice makes it possible to activate the self-healing potential of the organism. Stimulation of specific areas acting on physiological function then restores its balance, stimulating healing at the same time. Reflex points are listed from head to toe


Thai massage : Inspired by yoga, among others, this technique brings several benefits: reduces stress, tones muscles, increases flexibility, releases tension, and much more. it is the oldest of all types of massage since it dates back 2,500 years. Its initiator was a doctor close to the Buddha, Jivaka Komarbhacca. Thai massage has its sources in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practices, Buddhism, yoga and some healing traditions of Siam. Source of serenity and inner peace, Thai massage aims to open the joints, to stimulate the strategic points of the meridians and to evacuate all forms of tension accumulated by the body.


Hot stones; You will be massaged with hot basalt stones coated with essential oils on strategic points of your body, for a very relaxing effect.


Four hand massage ; Very pleasant, but also beneficial for blood circulation, it constitutes an excellent anti-stress.


Ayurvedic massages; to release nervous tension and to eliminate toxins from the body. Also kashmiri massage, comes from Kashmir in India. He draws his tantric yoga techniques and acts essentially on the marmas or vital points of the human body by stimulating them. These marmas, similar to acupuncture points, 108 in total, are the bridges that connect the skin surface to the body's organic elements: muscles, bones, joints and vessels.


Massage for pregnant women; It was created to relieve the discomfort of the future mother. It provides benefits and dynamism and allows you to live better the last months. This prenatal massage, also called "mother-to-be massage", consists of very light touching, friction, pressure and kneading on the woman's body. Generally, this massage lasts about 1 hour on the back and must be performed by a confirmed person. The practice of massage for pregnant women is carried out after stabilization of the fetus in the womb of the future mother, that is to say, at 3 months. It is not recommended to do sessions earlier because the hormonal, physical or emotional changes are still too great in women. This type of massage is very gentle. It should be done once a week during the second trimester and twice during the last trimester


Balinese massage; tones the whole body. It originates in Indonesia and is for people with muscle pain or who are daily stressed. Thus, this massage allows to revitalize the body as much as the mind and to find a positive energy which can only be beneficial for the whole body.


Korean massage is said to be one of the most relaxing massages. It consists in generating vibrations at the level of the joints, the feet and all the limbs going up to the head. The whole session takes place gently with light swings that provide great relaxation.


Oriental massage comes mainly from the Maghreb in the 6th century AD. It has developed gradually with certain Asian massage techniques. It takes care of the entire body and acts on the muscles and nerve endings. The applied movements alternate between sliding with pressure, kneading, tapping and touching.


Kobido is a type of facial massage of Japanese origin intervening on the meridians as well as on acupuncture points. It helps to rebalance the circulation of energy of the face as well as the neck. This good distribution of energy is at the origin of the youth of the skin.


Chinese massage; In China, Tui Na is a therapeutic massage, aimed at establishing a harmonious circulation of Qi (or its energy) in the body. Performed using a combination of different techniques, the purpose of Chinese massage is to allow the body to heal itself naturally.


Sitting massage , commonly known as Amma massage or chair massage, was born in the United States in 1980. Sitting massage is similar to the traditional art of acupressure in Japan, Amma. This aims to release energy by stimulating muscles, joints and meridians. This massage can be performed in any location, but requires the use of a massage chair designed for this purpose. The seated massage is intended to unblock the accumulation of energy flow in certain parts of the body. Its practice thus opens the way to many benefits such as: Deep muscle relaxation, total inner well-being, tone and vigor


Lao Massage ; The work of Laotian massage consists mainly of pressure on the energy lines of the body with a variety of precise and powerful movements. If the energy lines and the pressure points are the central device of the Laotian massage, it should not however be equated with Chinese acupressure or shiatsu massage. The body diagrams are quite similar, but the practices are very different. In Laotian massage the energy lines and pressure points are worked during a global massage of the whole body which can be performed in a period ranging from 1 to 2 hours. An hour is really too short, ideal 1h30. Laotian massage is not a quick relaxation of muscles and joints. It is a complete massage that stimulates and irrigates almost all parts of the body. The stretching and pressure movements of the Laotian massage "open" the body soaks up the facias, resulting in regeneration and deep relaxation.


Massages are indicated for different types of pathologies or minor ailments. In addition to being relaxing, they are perfect for all those who suffer from anxiety and anxiety. People who lack energy and tone can also get a massage to find a good balance. In addition, muscle tension, but also psychic can be eliminated with certain specific massages.





The massage method involves manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments. However, not everyone can get a massage.

People with a disease like hemophilia cannot practice this method. Massage can cause muscle injury due to the small number of platelets that clot the blood.

Injuries such as cuts, wounds, redness are not welcome since when touched, these areas are very sensitive.

Massage is not recommended for people with diabetes, who have heart conditions or bone problems.

A feverish person cannot exercise this practice since the temperature of their body will increase.

Besides illnesses, it is not advisable to get a massage after a meal. The body is in full digestion. During the first months of pregnancy, pressure on the legs should be avoided.



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